What is the Game of Electronic Craps?

Electronic craps are new versions of slot machines that have some similarities of a craps table layout. In casinos where the real games of craps are considered illegal such as Indian casinos, electronic craps are very popular. Technically speaking, casinos will say that electronic craps are just plain slot machine games, therefore, they are not among the illegal games of dice.

There are professional craps players that were able to increase their winnings at playing electronic craps. Let's examine how the pros do it. When you look at the electronic craps playing area, you will notice that there are no bets for hard ways, don't come, and don't pass. Reading the instructions carefully located at the side of the slot machine is very important because it will tell you valuable information like what type of electronic craps machine is it.

There are two types of electronic craps machine. The first type of electronic craps is similar to a normal craps game. If the numbers seven or 11 come out, you win and you lose for the numbers two, three, or 12. The second type of electronic craps is the crapless machine. If the number seven come out, you win and the game has no craps numbers. If the numbers two, three, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten, 11, or 12 come out, it becomes the point.

It is advisable to play the regular electronic craps machine instead of the crapless machine, for the reason that the crapless machine has a higher house edge compared to the regular one.

Electronic craps tournaments are also offered in casinos. If you are already an experienced craps player, joining the electronic craps tournament is an advantage. Some tournaments are free while others have minimal fee required or even more.

Playing in electronic craps tournaments, you will make a bet just like that of a regular craps game but the difference is that you are playing against the house, instead you are playing against your fellow players. The goal of the tournament is to have the highest amount of money at the end of a specific number of rolls (say 100) or a specific amount of time (say 30 minutes).

Many electronic craps strategies are used during the tournaments and it is your own choice as to what is the right strategy for you. In order to win in electronic craps tournament, you must be imaginative, creative, and prepared to make some risk in trying some things that other players are afraid to try.

Electronic craps is a very fun game and the excitement of the regular craps game is still there, especially if you are one of the electronic craps tournament players. Be sure to have some fun playing and see to it that you have some money to bring home as well.