How Do the Craps Buy Bets Work?

If you're looking for a controversial wager in the game of craps then you should look at the buy bets. There are people who wouldn't recommend these bets but there are still many people making these bets anyway. You might even ask why is there a mix in opinion when it comes to the buy bets. Another question that pops up every now and then is if all the buy bets are worth the buck?

There are players who shun even the thought of making a buy bet in a session of craps. There are people in such circles that even point out the vigorish that you have to pay in order to make this bet on the craps table. The amount of that commission usually varies from one casino to the next but you'd usually find that amount at either 4% or 5% of your buy bet. There are also casinos that charge this vig only when the buy bet wins and there are casinos that charge it whether you win or lose.

Now the question remains, which is more profitable, to just simply place bets or to make buy bets? The good side of the craps buy bets is that the odds for buy bets is placed at true odds. Simply just placing your bets on the same numbers give house odds for such bets. You can make your buy bets only on six numbers, namely: four, ten, five, nine, six, and eight. To figure out whether such buy bets are profitable let's compare the odds we get when we place these numbers instead of buying them.

Here is a comparison of the different odds you get when you place a bet on the above mentioned six numbers and when you buy your bets for the self same numbers in craps. For the number four and ten your place odds would be nine to five while the odds when you buy these numbers are at two to one. Your place odds for the numbers five and nine are at seven to five while the buy odds for them is at three to two. The numbers six and eight have place odds at seven to six and buy odds at six to five.

Here's an example of the math behind these buy bets. Let's say you make a place bet worth 30 dollars on four or ten, which definitely earns you $54 if it wins. But if you make buy bets with same amount for these two numbers you win $60. The vig will usually be at two dollars, thus making the buy bet for the four or ten better.

If you do the rest of the math for the other numbers you'll find that the most profitable one is the buy bet on four or ten, the other four numbers either give less profit or just break even. Buy bets can be great in a craps session that is if you know which ones to make.