Different Craps Techniques

You as a gambler have probably heard a lot of people discussing what craps systems are useful and can really help the player win in the game. But the question remains if there is really an ULTIMATE craps system.

Some of the different craps systems that players can study are 1st, the Collect, Press and Regress craps technique. For example, a player wagers $6 dollars on the six. In the 1st round, the player won $7 dollars.

Although the craps shooter rolls a seven, players are assured that they will get $1 dollar as a profit. Players can simply press their wager. The Dealer then puts $6 dollars in the player's place wager and that action gives the player $1 dollar.

2nd, the Hedge craps technique. Players can begin with a $ 10 dollars pass wagers. Players can then put $6 dollars on number six and number eight after the initial roll for a small cost of $12 dollars. Players should place the hit money on any of the place numbers. Should the craps shooter do not get a seven in the initial roll, players will lose $12 dollars.

If players will carefully calculate the possibilities, they have already earned $5 dollars. The next time that the players' wager hits, placed another $5 dollars on five and another $5 dollars on nine for the 3rd time.

3rd, the Martingale craps technique. Players should start with $1 dollar as their wager. If they lose, they can double it ($2 dollars). Players can then continue doubling their wager each time that they lose in the game. Whenever the player will win, they will have a profit of $1 dollars.

But the downside of this technique is that the casino limits cannot back this up all throughout the game as most roulette tables have a limit on the wager they could entertain, thus stopping the player from wagering beyond the limit.

4th is the Seldeen craps technique. This type of betting system uses a place wager where players can put their cash on a number. The player will win if it shows up and will lose if it is number seven. It also uses another wager called field. Players will on 5, 6, 7 and 8 but win on 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 12.

5th is the Oscar's Grind Craps technique. The technique is called after a known gambler in 1950. Players can wager a single number, keep the profit and wager once more with the same number.

If the initial wager of the player loses, they can then wager again with one number. If the player wins, they can add one number to their next wager. There are different wagers that players can also use like patience, watching, hot and cold, place wagering and right and wrong way. But it is still up to the player which technique they will use. Just remember that no technique gives a complete assurance that players will win every time. Winning in craps depends on luck and technique and the result of the dice.