The Line Wager in Craps

For players in craps, in order to make a line wager, they can simply place their cash on the place of the craps layout table that says Pass Line or Do not Pass Line. These types of wagers give the player even winnings, though it is not a real even odds because of a 1.4% percent casino edge.

When a player wagers on the pass line, it means that the player are wagering that the craps shooter will roll either a seven or an eleven during the initial roll. The player is also wagering that the craps shooter may also get one of the place numbers and get that number again before getting a seven.

When players wager on the pass line, they are wagering that the craps shooter will get either a two or three during the initial roll or will get one of the place numbers before getting a seven before getting a place number again in a new game.

When the point in the craps game has already been established, which is when a place number comes out during the roll, the player is permitted to get real odds against the seven appearing before the point number comes out again. This only means that the player can wager an additional sum on the line wager. This is called an odds bet or wager in craps.

The odds wager of the player can be any total of the amount on the line wager, although a lot of casinos will allow players to make an odds wager of two, three or more on the amount placed in the line wagers. This probability is paid by the casino similar to the probabilities at the point number before the seven comes out.

Players make an odd wager by placing the money in the pass line bet. Players will notice that there is nothing place or written in the table to say that odds bet can be place there while there are a lot of different types of bets that are indicated in the lay-out.

One of the main reasons is that casinos do not want players to make odd bets. Here are just some ways on how the probabilities or odds are computed by casinos.

Since there are six different possibilities that the number seven can come out during the roll and there are five ways that a six and eight can come out during the roll, the chances of the six and eight coming out before a seven comes are in a 6:5 ratio.

This means that if the point number is a six or eight, the odd wagers will be paid in a 6:5 ratio as well. If players will wager $10 dollars, they will get $12 dollars.

Players are paid out by the casino by considering their chances of winning the game. This is the only odds wager that you can find in a casino so be sure to use it when you have the chance.