The Come Wagers in Craps

Would you like to know the secret behind come wagers? Most of us craps players were taught to play in the pass line with the odd and have a pair of come wagers up. Come wagers are used by most craps player because it represents good numbers.

By putting down wagers on the come, a lot of people firmly believe that they can ride on a good streak or good throw. Aside from that, players who have wagered on the come bets take twice the odds (pass and the come line) to maximize their chances of winning good money. But the come wager does have some drawbacks.

Like if you have a come wager on the six, eight, nine was the main point and it was made. You know have a six and eight on the come-out with all the appropriate odds. If the seven hits, you will win the pass line wager but lose your left-over come wager.

Another problem is that the pay-out for the come wager are not bigger and in most instances smaller than the equal place wager. Like a $10 dollars bet on the come wager on the six with $25 dollars odds returns $30 dollars for the odds plus a $10 dollars wager on the flat area, a grand total of $40 dollars.

But if you wager $36 dollars on the six as a place wager, you would win $42 dollars. You cannot take down a come wager. If you stay put on the come line during every dice throw, you will eventually lose the flat area of your wagers. Top craps players know that a number has to hit two times for a come wager to win in the game, compared with a place wager.

Instead of having your come wager follow the ongoing pattern in the table, it is simpler for you to make a converted come wager. A change come wager is a place wager that is made in place of the same come wager.

Like if the initial roll of the dice is a four and succeeding rolls are 5 and 6, you will usually have come wagers of $10 dollars with odds on the 5 and 6. $20 dollars on the 5 and $25 dollars on the 6. So you have the sum of $65 dollars in the game; $30 dollars on the 5 and $35 dollars on the 6.

Wagering the come wagers and winning, you would have received $40 dollars on the 5 and $40 dollars on the 6, a sum of $80 dollars. Instead of wagering on the come bet, you could just put down $30 dollars on the 5 and $36 dollars on the 6, giving you a grand total of $66 dollars in the game. You would receive $42 dollars on the 5 and $42 dollars on the 6, for the sum of $84 dollars.

You have the option to remove your wagers so you will not be bothered if a 7 comes out of the initial roll. Just remember that the next time you want to make a come wager, try the change come wager instead.